moto x⁴

hello perfection

Designed to impress, it is as beautiful as it is strong.
In a word, exceptional.

hello perfection

Dual rear camera system with a wide field of view
16 MP selfie camera with adaptive low light mode
IP68 rated water-resistant glass and metal design*
Blazing-fast Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, faster data speeds, and all-day battery†
Simpler ways to access favourite features and tools with moto experiences

focus with flair

12 MP + 8 MP rear cameras for brilliant, professional-looking photos, every time. Plus, enhanced real-time controls so you know what you captured is good to go.
selective focus

Selective focus (bokeh) adds a blur effect to the background or foreground of images, while keeping the main subject in crystal clear focus.

selective black + white (beta)

Change the image background or foreground to black & white, while keeping the main subject in full color.